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What Runs on MkLinux

As of September, 1999, MkLinux is now maintained by www.mklinux.org.

Here's a partial list of what I either have running on my machine or have seen available. I've also provided links to other resources. Clicking on the name will take you to either the program's web page where you can download the source code or take you to the reference page.

It may take some tweaking to get some of these compiled, but hey, if I can do it, just about anyone can! Appearance on this page is no guarantee that I have the program configured and/or running correctly. The only implication might be that, depending on the software, that it seems to compile.
All software on this page is available in a source format since precious little seems to be available precompiled for MkLinux on the PowerPC processor at this point, and no commercial software exists yet, to my knowledge.

Finally, at the bottom are links to FTP archives of software, some of which include software that others have been kind enough to compile and upload.

Mesa 3-D
Sendmail is the de facto standard in SMTP mail services on Unix.
A popular shareware image-manipulation program
A free alternative to Motif, a graphical user interface (GUI) found on many X Window systems.
A free alternative to OpenGL, a graphics library by Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Internet Software Consortium
Columbia Appletalk Package
Prime Time Freeware
Free Scientific Software
They've got BIND (name server), DHCP, and INN (news) software for the download.
Makes your MkLinux box appear as an AppleTalk server (I haven't tested it yet).
Primetime Freeware's links to archives of Unix software.
A listing of free scientific software for Linux

Linux and Unix Resources
Kenton Lee's Page
GNU Home Page
Large list of links to Linux resources and info.
Claims to be more efficient than the Columbia Appletalk Package.
Kenton Lee's exhaustive references to everything about the X Window system and Motif.
GNU is the group that started it all. Read the history and download some software.

Nerd World:Linux
Unix Guru Universe
OSF's Free Software Links
Nerd World's links to Linux stuff.
A place for system administrators and those who'd like to be.
OSF's links to free software on the net.
Qualcomm's free Unix POP3 mail server

Other Links to software I haven't really tried:
CD Recording Software
IRIT 3-D Solid Modeler

AND FINALLY, some links to FTP archives:

Berkeley's FTP Site including sendmail.

Ghostscript Distribution.

A GNU software mirror site.

MIT's software for Linux.

Sunsite Mirror at George Washington University.

LinuxPPC's mirrors.

The MkLinux Archive in Sweden.

Netscape Communicator for MkLinux. See README for limitations.

The official MkLinux Distribution Point.

Official GNU software distribution point.

yggdrasil software distribution. All sorts of goodies.

Eudora's Free Unix Servers. Password, POP, etc.

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